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The desk game Travelling the Promised Land

The purpose of the game is to go from the start to the end through various towns and places in the Promised Land. Because of duration of the game it is possible to divide the game into three episodes – the first one „Across the Jordan!“; the second one „From Joppe to Dan“ and the third one „Go ahead to the south“. You can begin at the start or in the town Joppe or Dan and end up either in Joppe on in Dan or at the end too.
The players (most convenient are up to 4 persons or up to 4 teams; teams are suitable when some Christian families meet together) move ahead from three to five steps when they answer correctly the question of selected level. The easy question – 3 points, the average question – 4 points and the hard one – 5 points. These questions are on cards with 3 to 5 question marks.
If a player steps on a biblical place and is able to give some information about it, he or she can take an additional card with a question and when answering it right he or she goes ahead. But if he or she knows nothing about that place, he or she must go back two steps and lose any additional question. When in one round a player step on two towns, a player can take only one additional question.
The part of the game are cards that accelerate or decelerate moving ahead. Because the card with the question contains the answer too, the question is read by another player who also checks the correctness of the answer.

The playing field is in color 29x42 cm. (format A3) The game is made up of 64 easy, 96 average and 96 hard question cards.

You can order a Bible game if you live in Europe by sending an e-mail to or information are available in English language when calling the Czech number +420 731 133 351 (brother Běhunčík)

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