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Bible games

It is time to play

A Bible book Ecclesiastes chapter 3 says that "there is an appointed time for everything, A time for every activity under the heavens." It is true that there is nothing about playing but almost everybody likes to play games. Games are played mostly by children but adult Christians also like from time to time play games. Sometimes there is a problem there are not suitable Bible games when social meetings are organized. Our goal is to produce enough Bible games. We started to produce Bible games in Czech language but we are pleased to announce that our Bible game "Travelling the Promised Land" is available in English too.

On internet is also available a version of the game Come to Know the Promised Land playable on computer, most suitably on a desktop computer, a laptop or a larger tablet.
The link to it is here: Come to Know the Promised Land <- Click here and play
We also produced The Bible Quiz EXODUS.

You can also try to play The Bible Text Trainer.

You can order a Bible game if you live in Europe by sending an e-mail to or information are available in English language when calling the Czech number +420 731 133 351 (brother Běhunčík)

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