Come to Know the Promised Land

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Rules of the game

Warning - the game does not work on Internet Explorer
- Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

The purpose of the game is to correctly select number of cities, seas etc. that are on the map.
sites are divided into three categories - light in green, middle in yellow and hardest
in red. During the game you can choose the difficulty. To select the beginning
ticking the appropriate difficulty. If you choose light difficulty, so in the game names will appear accidentally
light places like Jerusalem, Bethlehem, the Salt Sea, etc. If you choose
light and medium, will you at random to appear green and yellow sites.
Name the place is always tinged with the color of appropriate difficulty. In the game there is also
Hint under the name of the place. After selecting a number and send by clicking on
Send over a place name appears if you selected a number of sites correctly or incorrectly
. Below is a statistic of correct and incorrect answers, which are
and divided by difficulty.
Game can start again by clicking Start a new game up next to the map image or after entering the last number and display the final stats.
If you have a few correct answers, take it as a challenge and a reason for personal
study with the brochure The Good Land. During the game, you can start
from the beginning to the hands and looking for places with her help :-)
In another version of the game will be displayed after sending information about the proper place and at the very bottom
will also scoring.